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Growing up as the youngest in a family of 7 children with four older sisters, I was late learning how to cook. There was always someone cooking, and I did not have to. At some point, it was officially a concern with parents that I may not know how to cook anything as an adult.

My first real attempt at cooking was as a first-year student in the University. I still remember the anxiety and trepidation I felt making that tomato stew with beef and saying all the prayers I had learnt during my catechism. When much to my relief and applaud of my room mates, it turned out great, what I experienced can best be described as an epiphany!!! I knew I could do this. 

The confidence from this success became the inspiration for trying out new recipes and even daring to attempt those recipes handed down to my Mum, from her Mum and all the “Mums” before her.

As a career woman whose job takes most of the hours in the day, it is almost expected that I would not spend so much time and detail in cooking for my family. However, it gives me the utmost pleasure to cook for family and friends and bask in the euphoria of seeing the pleased satisfaction on their faces from eating something I cooked, especially when they had just been introduced to a new recipe from my home country, Nigeria. My English husband strongly believes he has some special link to the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, known particularly for their high threshold for extremely spicy food.

As a foodie myself, I love to taste different healthy home-cooked meals originating from different countries, and in that process, I have come to appreciate how food can be an icebreaker, form strong friendships, tear down walls and bridge racial and cultural divides amongst people.

This is why, when I finally mustered the courage to commence on this journey, I knew the menu, apart from being healthy, MUST be a fusion of fine food drawn from the colourful, tasty, and endless recipes originating from places we may never visit.

Amaka’s fine food fusion, is a celebration of our uniqueness and colourful diversity. I am so excited to see how our menu will continue to evolve and provide you with food tourism delivered in the comfort of your home, office, or event. We promise to offer you healthy alternatives to your sometimes unhealthy choices.